How To Do Nothing and Still Make Money Online

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I think by now we have all heard and been sold the internet marketing dream.
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(insert extra bold big red impressive font ) Yes, YOU can make money online in your underwear, or on a tropical beach…

…or heck – both if you’re into that. 

Push some buttons, 3 easy steps, wave a magic wand, and unlock your personal money getting ATM machine of never ending piles of gigantic greedy green cash.  Then drive off in your finely tuned, obnoxiously ostentatious, and overtly exotic sports car.


It’s so easy my cousin’s inbred Chihuahua can do it.  If a lousy dog can make ten billion dollars, just imagine what you can do!

*Insert more power words, adjectives, and half truths here

Coming back to reality now in 3… 2… 1…


Clearly I’m making a joke of my own industry here with that huge exaggeration.

There’s some truth in the dream, but there’s a critical distinction that needs to be made.

You see, I’m afraid they’ve got you all twisted backwards.

Can you really do nothing and make money online?


It’s just not like they want you to believe.

You should know that some of the worst offending sales hype encourages you to check your brain at the door. They want you to get lost in some crazy surreality where you have nothing, do nothing, and somehow GET something like a million dollars.

But I digress, I don’t want to delve into all the murky tricks of copywriting.

No, instead I have a much simpler and clear cut truth to drop.

This morning I DID NOTHING and got paid.

I rolled over in bed, grabbed my iPhone and saw “check sent.”  Then clicked the lock screen button on my phone and rolled back under the covers.

And it came from a site I built 4 years ago and haven’t done more than a simple design change in years.

Don’t take that the wrong way though.  I’m not looking to brag, or pretend like I’m some overnight millionaire sensation than no longer has to work.  (actually I love working)

No. More than anything I just want to share the reality behind the dream.

This lifestyle is something most people simply cannot understand.

It’s certainly a VERY different lifestyle from what we are taught.

The ugly truth is that the subconscious doesn’t like the idea that someone else is working much less and making much more than them.

Therefore, it’s easier to just pretend it’s bad, wrong, or simply not real.

Even my own wife teases me from time to time.  I get occasional quips like “gee, must be nice to sit around all day at home,” suggesting I’m not actually accomplishing anything.

But that’s the secret.  You need to learn how to remove the work from the earning.  Instead of earning dollars per hour, you want dollars per sale or per action (like automatic things such as clicks, visits, subscribes).

And the work you do end up doing to build them, make sure you love it (or else outsource).

Because at the end of the day we all get the same amount of time.  What you do with it is up to you.

The Secret Sauce

Is this legit?

How do you REALLY make money online doing nothing?

Okay, okay, here’s the catch.

You aren’t doing “nothing” in the purest sense of the word.  If you really think that’s true you need your head checked.

What you are doing is building specific types of ASSETS that are sustainable with minimal long term input.

You’re going to do some work up front, have a blast doing it, and then set it free.

If you continue this pattern, eventually you will have unstoppable traffic and sales.  Do this for 3 or 4 months straight and you may just get to a level where you can take the entire next year off, or at least hire someone else to keep doing the rest of the work.

What you need

1. Automation

The beauty of making money online is that you can use software to run things for you, and hire workers from across the entire planet to help share the workload.

Here are what I consider critical elements for self sustaining “do nothing” websites.

Reliable webhost

You don’t want your site to go down…and if it does you want someone reliable to get it back up!

Autoresponder (click for a free 30 day trial)

No questions asked here…build your email list ASAP, add followup messages and watch your profit increase.

Affiliate system

This is a critical component to reaching a hands-free website.  It connects you into a search engine of products where others will find and promote your site.  As a bonus it’s like having a sales staff on pure commission and no upfront cost.

Support Desk

In case you don’t want to answer email 24/7, this will let customers know you’re handling problems like a responsible company.  Customers that need support are eager and waiting for any sort of response.  Getting no response at all (if it’s your time for example) can send them into a panic thinking they’ve been swindled.  A support desk let’s them know the ticket was created and assures them someone is actually on the other end of the line.

2. Offer

Tricks, and trendy methods can make big cash, but often fade just as fast.  In contrast some products are always in demand.

People always need tools and resources for example.  (I’ve had the same host for ten years…if someone had earned a commission on that they’d be very pleased)

Most people into marketing online have also heard that information products are great to sell.  The only catch is that they often need to be re-packaged and “modernized” to the latest web design styles and formats (pdf, video quality, etc), but beyond that most content and advice will remain fundamentally unchanged for years.

In general, the web moves quickly and you should at least check periodically to make sure your offer is current.  The trick is to develop products and resources that require minimal upkeep.   An information product on the latest Facebook tricks will probably be outdated in a hurry as they frequently update design, and code.

In contrast, a website template package can be sold for several years until some styling updates are needed.

Finally, even with basic free information as your offer, you can promote affiliate products on the backend with nothing more than links and emails that run automatically and continue to do so for many many years.

My best advice is to consider the type of offer or information you’re building your site around, and try to think if it will be relevant a year or two later.

Additionally, recurring billing products are some of the easiest ways to build a massive compounding income.  While you will get some drop off, if you can achieve more growth than cancelations, you’ll see your income rise dramatically each month with very minimal effort!

3.  Autopilot Traffic

Last of all, you need to learn the art of perpetual traffic.

I mentioned above that affiliate systems are critical.  This can be one part of perpetual traffic.  The more you get affiliates link to you initially, the longer you can set and forget.

But there are other tricks you can also use.

Consider SEO as a viable long term, slow and steady traffic method.

While your highest steady traffic and rankings may rise and fall at the whims of Google, generally you will get traffic for the life of the site spread out over many keywords.

Build out enough pages and related topic content pieces and you will get some level of perpetual search traffic.

Next, consider seeking out multiple quality link partners.

This is known as integrated marketing.  By exchanging links (on the download page, for example) you are sharing traffic and ensuring a long term stream.  With enough quality partners it will be almost impossible to stop the flow of visitors.

Last of all, consider being an occasional contributor to larger well known sites.  You can guest post, or create content for them, and that will ensure traffic from a secure and long term web property that is likely to continue for many years.

So there you have it.

That’s exactly the methods I’ve used to build unstoppable income streams  that continue on while I sit around drinking beer milk, or sit on the beach in my underoos.

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